Friday, January 22, 2010


I've had this issue for years.
Pushing through the crowds,
Its time to conquer my fears.
Its not an audience that he wants
But the touch of the sincere.
I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy
But if I could just touch that hem,
I could be healed.
If I could just touch the end,
the tip of your grace would be sufficient for me.
I'm not worthy for the collar or sleeve.
But the hem is in proximity
to my bended knee.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Life is not a spectator sport

Life is not a spectator sport

The Great Omission.

The sin of,
The abscence.
The act of not acting.
The denial of,
The distracted with
The lack of even trying.
The useless,
The forgetful,
The blank stare of the unwilling.
The moot of
The neglect of
The life that I was sinning.

The Great Commission

The truth of
The hope of
Eternal Life that we've been given.
The action
The mission
The conscious effort we are beginning
To see the truth spread
The light shown
The darkness is forsaken
The fight on
The pressing
Toward the mark of the high calling.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

We March

We march,
march for cause, a purpose,
to save the lost the sick,
the paraplegic.
We march,
march to show the way,
the truth, the light,
to fight this worlds plight.
We march,
march to sustain.
Sustain the message that was
and is and is to come,
this we never stray from.
We march for every man who passes torch,
we need this scorch,
this burn, this desire.
Forge us with this fire.
We march as a generation that will not hide,
will not be pushed aside, tested and tried.
A preisthood, royal.
Not stony but fertile soil.
We march. As soldiers
by the Lord, our steps are ordered.
We march forward,
We will not be cornered,
his words cannot be thwarted,
We march in a world of sprinting crawl.
Profess themselves as large, theyre small.
Wisdom that will fall,
we will not cling,
we march this wall.
Bring down the walls of iniquity that surround,
bring them to the ground,
this is not light walk, this is march.
Some march for evil, for wicked lusts,
we do the same, but for his name in which we place all trust.

Self-fullfilling Prophecy

The question has an answer before asked.
The Problem has solution before known.
The battle has its victory before won.
Tell that to your doubt and despair
when they shake hands and form alliance.

They have have no dominion here.
They have no room in prayer.
I cant hear my doubt
when my faith is so loud.
I wont give in to despair
because his love, his power,
his will is always there.

Musical Chairs

Musical chairs.

I play musical chairs
with the seat of the scornful
and the Mercy seat.
Which to choose,
which to lose today.
But I lose before I play.
'Tis not a choice,
this hint of gray.
Neither which seat I seat, my say.
But that of the Lord's
whose suffering's paid,
all the cushions on my mercy seat each day.

Pilgrim vs Nomad

Pilgrim vs Nomad

I am a nomad, I have no home.
No hope for future, distance unknown.
I travel from pleasure to pleasure
reaping the seeds that I've sown
then pack my bags and leave
if I'm not pleased with the drone
of my situation grown.
I walk alone.
I walk aimlessly for a place that will never satisfy my soul.
I have a void, I have a hole.
Why do I run?
There is nothing beyond my tombstone.

I am the pilgrim, a stranger to this land.
I dont belong here,
I will not stop here.
I have a residence, I have a home.
It is not this world's self-proclaimed throne.
I have a promise waiting for me
as I walk through this land of hyposcrisy.
My journey predestined, my arrival unkown.
Though my patience be tested, his glory is shown.
I have a home! I have a home!
I am a pilgrim not of my own,
but a child of the father, alive and atoned.
I will walk by faith though my eyes decieve me,
though my legs be weary,
though other pilgrims betray thee.
I'm a pilgrim for a vapor
but the promise of the saviour
is rest for the weary
and hopeful eternity.

The difference of these
is not the distance of ease,
but rather does the ends of the travel
justify the means.
Are you a pilgrim or a nomad?
Do you have a purpose and a homeland?
Or do you live for naught?
the sinking, sinking sand of this world's nomad.

Patient Continuance

Patient Continuance

The evil I would not,
that I do.
I am a fool, I am untrue
to myself and to you.
Convice this man and make this creature anew.
That in patient continuance,
and through each day grew,
the frequence of good that I may well do.

Spiritual Schitzophrenia

Spiritual Schitzophrenia

I hear voices. They tell me which way I should go.
Distract my mind from you
I am close, But I am far.
Let him that have ear,
Let him hear,
Let me hear thee.

I see things.
I see doubt and fear
when I should see that you are near.
But I shall set no wicked thing before mine eyes.
I shall not cleave,
This shall not cleave to me.

I speak things. My tounge is a weapon.
Will I speak Life?
or Will I speak Death?
Lord, bridle my mouth.
Let no evil flow through my breath.

I have a condition you see,
of dual personality.
But which one is me?
Which one is me?
Which one is captive and which one is free?

Make me whole again.
Heal my broken soul again.
No more schitzophrenian,
but a single-minded and faithful man.

The Coast Guard

The Coast Guard

Pushing my sails, down the sea of forgetfulness.
I'm not sinking, but I'm sailing.
I'm not sunken, but I'm failing.
There's a riverfull of quails
and I'm close to the rails
in the ship of my fails.
Oh captain, please sound the horn
and take me out of this water, Lukewarm.

There is land somewhere but I cant see.
There's a destination but the compass is wet with me
I don't want land, I don't want sea.
I want to float on safe mediocrity.

I am sailor, ah yes, I am a failure
Like the common wave, I'm tossed by the winds of indecision.
But broadside is the way that leadeth to destruction.

But I know the Master of the Seas
and he knows all of my insecurities.
Knows which way i take and which way i fake.
There is no stagnation.
There is no other reconciliation.
Let the firmament
show his firm ascent
out of this stale flotation.
To a new horizon,
a transfiguration
out of this lost ocean.

You are my coastguard